On May 19, the sea of red couldn't outshine her...she was riding a consecutive save streak of perfection.

We Remember: Joel Hanrahans Beard Is Dead After Magical 2011

It all started back in Spring Training when a little bit of stubble was seen around Joel Hanranator's chin.


The Pittsburgh Pirates baseball community has lost another pioneer.

The beard of hard throwing closer Joel Hanrahan has died late Wednesday night in a Milwaukee sink. It was just over 162 games old.

The Amish artwork that grew on Hanrahan’s chin in 2011 enjoyed a fantastic ride. Many reports circulated throughout Spring Training back in February that the Pirates closer wanted to get a head start on a playoff beard, and did he ever.

She was a beaut.

After you take a moment of silence, please enjoy the show.

She will be missed..deeply missed.

UPDATE: According to reports, and to nobody’s surprise who watched her this season, the beard refused to go down easily. The sink is officially out of order. (Sorry about having one less sink when you roll into town Kirk Gibson, just tell the boys to grow a playoff beard in her honor.)

She looked adorable back on April 7 with her stubble starting to show.

She was the buzz of all the All Star Game parties

Matthew Peaslee grabbed this shot of Hanrahan's artwork on August 2.

Thankfully Hanrahan has a high definition phone, who would want to miss the silky smooth hair on these piggies went to market? But in the end the piggies hair was no match for what was happening up above.

The Hanrabeard in late August: Clean shaven sides, full on Amish Jebediah off the chin

By September, Joel Hanrahan's beard has taken over. (Photo: Justing K. Aller/Getty)

But just like that…in a few brutal pulls of a Gillete, all that was wonderful was gone.  Forever.

Why Joel? Why?

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