Henderson, Silverio and Clint Hurdle help Tabata off the field.

Pittsburgh Pirates Shake Up Medical Staff

Luis Silverio and Brad Henderson speak with Jose Tabata who was injured after bunting against the Boston Red Sox (Photos: J. Wickerham/Getty)

Neal Huntington said he wanted to do things differently in his medical department. Thus, after a season of numerous injuries – some that took a while to diagnose – changes are coming in 2012 for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Head Athletic Trainer Brad Henderson and his assistant Mike Sandoval won’t be returning in 2012.

Two more medical staff members won’t know their fate until Henderson and Sandoval are replaced. Those gentlemen are Frank Velasquez and Erwin Valencia.

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Huntington says he wants a “different philosophy,”  but we have no idea what it means.  So, since speculation is all that is left, fire up the shake weight photoshops!
Henderson talking about the PLAY campaign by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society

Velasquez is featured in this old school video explaining the constant resistance of the TRX system.

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