Pittsburgh Caffeine: Cleaning PNC Park; Malkamania

The video of Joe Klimchak working with the cleaning team at PNC Park is amazing.  It is pretty interesting and we think we could do most of those jobs, but the 18:43 to 21:00 mark? No freaking way.

The most famous arm around the shoulder move in Pittsburgh Pirates history belongs to Joe Klimchak. You see the move about the :50 mark.

Joe looks like a good guy and he seems right at home cleaning PNC Park rather than being the man with the microphone on the tired Pirates TV shopping network.

But seriously, these are tough jobs. We got to the park early one Saturday when some friends were playing in an alumni Pirates camp game. People were power washing PNC.

Make a quiet note to yourself in case you encounter the same situation: stay behind the man with the power washer. He is on a schedule and doesn’t really care about overspray.



Such a cool story…had to link it for you. The Hulk Hogan guy is such a boss.


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