The Guiness Book of World Record annointed broadcasters of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Did Pittsburgh Pirates Owner Bob Nutting See This Deadspin Picture?

It’s obviously a pretty slow day at Deadspin for the Pittsburgh Pirates to make some headlines.  When we got the tweet from @BucsInsider yesterday, we found it odd to see a picture of Greg Brown and Steve Blass with a bottle of what appears to be Jacquins Blackberry Flavored Brandy, near a fairway that appears to be at Seven Springs wearing what is obviously some Springs swag.

So, after we thought “Damn, this is an awesome tweet,” we didn’t think much more of it.  It was a cold October day in southwestern Pennsylvania – and if Brown and Blass were having some fun, good for them!  Brown and Blass will be in the Guinness Book of World Records when they retire for being witness to more losses than any broadcasting team in history of planet Earth.  They deserve a little bit of a good time after another tough season for Pirates baseball.

Today, when @3rdBoss texted us that it was on Deadspin, we laughed our asses off.  We wondered what connection Deadspin could come up with for this bashing.  After we checked it out, we got a chuckle on what smelled of a funny “inside job.”

Three burning questions come out for us:

1.  Deadspin can run a breathalyzer with a picture?  So this is a ‘Drunken Picture?’  Fucking incredible.  Heh – DOM, you stupid hack, Blass could down that bottle of brandy, do a Mike Lange impersonation, and birdie that hole without even adjusting his hunting cap.  We think these guys are just ecstatic to be out of the broadcast booth.

2.  During Pirates’ broadcasts, Blass and Brown can go on an on about their cluelessness of social media to the point of making us reach for the mute button.  So how ironic is it to see the boys on Deadspin?  The only thing that would have made it better is if Bob Walk were in the pic.

3.  But – more importantly – we bet that Dollar General Bob Nutting has a question or two for Blass and Brown if they were indeed playing at Seven Springs.  Of course, Nutting is the principal owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as Seven Springs Mountain Resort–you can see the logos we circled on Brown’s knit hat and the sleeve of the coat Blass is wearing.   Did Brown and Blass sneak this booze into their golf bag without the owner’s knowledge?

Are Blass and Brown celebrating the fact that they are taking money out of Nutting’s pocket by not paying for booze from his overpriced beer cart on the Dollar General’s clover-filled golf course?

Damn, we hope so.


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