Pittsburgh Pirates Will Be 'In' on Cuban Free Agent Yoenis Cespedes

I couldn’t believe my eyes after watching the video of Yoenis Cespedes.  Of course,  Cespedes isn’t just another Cuban that is coming to play baseball in America.  This guy looks like a monster.  [Ladies, stop the video at 6:33]

But how much will he get? 

The allure around the Cespedes video has been super high.  We understand it’s been up and down a few times.  We trust it’s still below for you. 

Of course we can’t imagine the Pirates having a legit shot when looking at the competitors for Cespedes.   The Marlins are sending everyone except President Obama to see the hyper talented, 26-year old outfielder with five tools.  

But nonetheless we can watch the video and drool because the Bucs are reportedly in on him according to Gammons who feels he could get well above the $30 million that Aroldis Chapman got from the Reds. 

Gammons even goes as far as throwing out a five-year $60 million dollar number like Aaron Rowand got four years ago.

The Pirates have watched Yoenis Cespedes work out.  We haven’t heard anything other than that.  So without further ado, enjoy.  The video below has everything–some tremendous scenes of a talented player as well as a weird Star Wars entry.  The action starts rolling at 2:30. Just ignore the Christopher Cross, sailing away music.


Peter Gammons on Cespedes

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