The Pirates signed their starting shortstop today in Clint Barmes.

Pittsburgh Pirates Find Their Mr. Right Now in Clint Barmes

The Pittsbugh Pirates signed shortstop Clint Barmes.  Some like it, some hate it.  We say that with what was available on the free agent market, it was probably the safest pick.  But it simply continues a revolving door at the position, doesn’t it?

We are glad it wasn’t Bobby Crosby.  We are glad it wasn’t Jack Wilson coming back to town, or Ramon Santiago, for chrissakes.  The more we watch Barmes, the more we see parts of each of those players in him.  He had an injury last season – he might have another one in 2012. 

But, heh, he’s not Mr. Right. 

He’s Mr. Right Now.


Outside of the fact that the Bucs pulled some nice negotiating, we don’t think it was a great signing by any means – his past offense is lackluster, while his past defense has been superb.    Perhaps Clint Hurdle can fix that offensive side though, right?  (Stop)

The trouble we’re having is that when we really think about the Pirates’ future at the shortstop position for the next few years, we can’t be positive it will ever be a position that isn’t a revolving door. 

We think it has to change at some point, but the payroll isn’t going to take a significant bump in 2012.  Maybe, maybe…it gets to $60 million, which leaves players like Clint Barmes as the safest pickup.  The guy has a nice glove, so we guess the “Jack Wilson Highlight Play Era” will be firing back up with this signing.

At least… while Barmes stays healthy.  (Light the candle)

We guess that isn’t necessarily a bad thing: we have grown accustomed to seeing very little offense from the shortstop position.  But that has to change someday, doesn’t it?

Joe took a look at why Barmes sucks at hitting the baseball in his post below from Call to the Pen.  He also makes an interesting point about the Brewers and Cardinals in their hunt for a shortstop.  Check it out:

Somewhere today, we trust that Jordy Mercer is exploding into his off-season workouts knowing that he might be the only hope the Pirates have for a legit shortstop any time soon.   We need to get a better look at Mercer.  We’ve only ever seen him play a couple of times, but we do know this– Wilbur T. Miller likes him.

[Note from Cocktailsfor2: more on this soon!]

There aren’t too many players WTM likes, so we have faith. 

Hit it again…


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