Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington and his guys have made a flurry of moves early in free agency.

One Problem with Clint Hurdle

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been quick to strike this offseason. Some like the moves they made, others don’t. But the Bucs addressed their needs at shortstop and catcher with some veteran free agents.  Quickly, we might add.

Typically, the Pirates wait until most of the teams have already had seconds at the free agent market before they’ll even reach for a plate.  That approach has proven to be awful, and we have addressed that to death.

But give them credit this year for – at the very least – moving quickly. Catcher Rod Barajas has played good defense in his day, his ability to punch out baserunners will be tested and that is a big concern, as we saw two years ago with Ryan Doumit.

Clint Barmes, who took in the magical return of Sid Crosby last night, is facing the same scrutiny regarding his defense from Keith Law in the article below:


Don’t you find it funny that in the same article where he talks about Barmes, Doumit is mentioned? And if Law thinks Doumit can play in the outfield or first base… well now, that’s just plain amusing to us.

It was pretty apparent that Clint Hurdle had a hand in the Barmes deal. Hurdle was with Barmes at the Pens game last night, and Barmes talked about his affection for him in the Houston article below.

In conclusion, the Bucs got their shortstop of the short term and their catcher of the very short term. Now let’s say a prayer that both of their performances don’t fall off a cliff.

You know what one problem with Hurdle is?   If he is going to use his influence to help the Bucs land players, that is admirable.  It sure beats watching him manage a team to death.

But screw admirable…..why can’t Hurdle get the above average players he managed to follow him to Pittsburgh?  Now that would be just plain cool.

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