Pittsburgh Pirates: CBA + Ticket Plans + New Contest = Rumbunter Podcast


Here at the Podcast, we’re thankful for YOU.

The Rumbunter Podcast


Just in time for you to download to your portable device, so you can slip your earphones in and not have to hear Uncle Larry’s pissing and moaning about how he “ate too much” for the twenty bazillionth time [complete with unbuttoning and unzipping his pants at the table and not pushing his chair back in until your sister hollers "Eww, GROSS!"], or watch “Aunt” Peggy (who’s not really a blood relative Aunt, but your Mom’s college roommate) get sloshed and tell the story about that “tickle fight” she and your Mom had before Mom rushes her out of the room and into the bathroom, or when Grandma wonders out loud – again – why your Mom ever quit dating that guy who went on to win the Nobel Prize and married your Dad instead, and your Dad gets all quiet and goes into the living room to “watch football”  and make his umpteenth double vodka gimlet with a Maalox chaser, or… Hmm… on second thought, maybe you’d be better off sitting at the Kids’ Table.

The Rumbunter Podcast (Vol. 1 Ep.11)

(“Yo, Eleven” Episode)

In this week’s podcast, we:

Announce the winner of the First Rumbunter Podcast Contest (Congratulations to S.K. Rummel – Smitty mailed out your prize today!), and announce another contest! (Note: comments for this post are screened – we will pick the winner from among those with the correct answer)

Speak with Mr. Jim Popovich – Director of New Business Development and Premium Sales for the Pirates, who relates some great stories [including one about Smitty's  "interesting" taste in music], and offers something special for Rumbunter Podcast fansa little something extra when they buy their tickets (make sure to drop Cocktailsfor2’s name!), whether full- or partial-season plans.

Speak with Friend of the Program Wilbur T. Miller, (he of Pirates Prospects and Bucs Dugout fame) about the (then impending) CBA (and boy, was he bang-on!), the Rule 5 candidates (again, right on the money), and more!

You can download Episode 11, as well as Episodes 1 thru X at the above link.

It’s timely. It’s free. It’s the best Pirates’ podcast anywhere. How can you beat that? You can’t.

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