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Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Field of Ignorance, Jameson Taillon & Baseball Wives

You might remember Jesse Behr from his fine work on this site.  He’s got a new site and it’s going to be pretty cool.

The site is called ‘Field of Ignorance’ and is based heavily on the beliefs preached in Michael Lewis’ bestseller Moneyball. FOI searches to find hidden inefficiencies in player valuation in the game of baseball. The site offers both positive and normative analysis of the subject along with the thoughts and opinions of others across the baseball community, including experts from ESPN and

Here it is, go check it out:


Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon is doing some cool charity work for kids back home in Texas. He has an interesting quote in this article.

“They had restrictions on everything I could do and couldn’t do, but overall I had a really good year and learned a ton,” Taillon said. “I’m definitely happy with the decision we made.”


Talk about having the Pittsburgh Pirates written all over this cast, my Lord I bet this was some awful television. Anna Benson was hot, but damn, what happened. Jason Kendall was married? Ron Villone? Sorry we missed it.

Watch it here, we lasted about two minutes:


The Bradenton Marauders put together an alternate logo. We’re not big fans of it. It looks too much like Dan Simon of Studio Simon pulled some clip art up and did a half hour touch up job.  But heh, it will sell and that’s the improtant part for Bob Nutting.


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