And there it is....the typical reaction we receive when we dare to leave our basement...[McEffect gazes into Neal Huntington's eyes--see he's the real professional on Team RumBunter]

RumBunter Unmasked: Watch the Reaction of Pirates Pedro Alvarez

The new look Pedro Alvarez leads the Pittsburgh Pirates out of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center after PirateFest last night. Seconds later he makes eye contact....


So you think basement bloggers don’t get respect?   Watch Pittsburgh Pirates Pedro Alvarez react to seeing us doing a question and answer session without our lucha mask.  A few of us bloggers were interviewing Pirates GM Neal Huntington last night at PirateFest.   We decided to leave the lucha mask at home, and it’s obvious that is a mistake we won’r repeat.

Sure it’s surprising to see RumBunter without the mask.  We understand.

What the camera didn’t capture was our reaction to this very unique haircut Pedro was rocking.

It hits Pedro Alvarez that he is in the presence of basement blogger RumBunter

It looks nice to see Pedro Alvarez smiling doesn't it?

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