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PNC Park Rewind: Five Crazy Moments at Pittsburgh Pirates Games in 2011

The question was who was the best starting pitcher in Pittsburgh Pirates history.


The contestant answered Zach Duke.  Speechless.


My son and I were sitting near the Bucs dugout for a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I was busy snapping pictures of the pregame action when my seven-year old franchise tapped me on my shoulder, heh Dad, is Pedro talking to us?

I turned toward the third base line and saw Pedro Alvarez with a baseball in his hand looking directly at me.  Alvarez was motioning in a manner that he wanted my son to have the baseball.

Pedro tossed the ball and my guy snatched it out of the air, simultaneously yelling thank you to the Buccos third baseman.  I shouted thank you in Pedro’s direction, and asked my guy, ‘now how cool was that?’  A couple of seconds later my A.D.D. kicked back in and I was snapping pictures when I heard him say, ‘Dad what is this scribbling on the ball?’

Alvarez had autographed the baseball too.  Crazy shit.

We tweeted a picture and within a few seconds Alvarez’ new bride responded with a ‘what a cutie.’



In the not very cool moments at PNC Park this year, obviously this video going viral took home the black and blue ribbon.

This breakdown of the video shows a Kurt Angle impersonator taking a club to the face and then reaching for the police officer–enough to make people think he might have been reaching for the officers gun.


Leave it to the Freak Show to grab this video….

The sheer magic of this video is unbelievable. I randomly stopped it at :53 seconds



At that 53 second mark, it’s easy to see some Pittsburgh icons:

the chick in cheap knockoff sunglasses that thinks her tits are going to fall out of her made in China dress

an awesome power mullet with a well groomed goatee in the front row of the fight making sure it was all caught on camera

and the random Yinzer whose arms are just too big to contain in a normal tee shirt hence he cut them off to show off the gun show.

Mikey and Big Bob get to have all the fun.

If you missed it this year, please enjoy One Pitch Fight about ten times to be sure you don’t miss anyone….


Of course we have to believe the Michael McKenry homer was crazy.   Real crazy, maybe the high point of the year?


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