When this was up in 2011, what followed was usually pretty awful.

Our Worst Pittsburgh Pirates Photoshops of 2011

Each year we take a moment to go back and try to take a look at the photoshop work for the season.  We ask ourselves what we liked and what we didn’t.

There are so many that go up, it’s literally impossible to track each one down.  Some of you requested certain ones and most of the time we don’t have it in a format that really helps you, sorry about that.  Most of the time they simply get cut and pasted into the post, not even saved anywhere other than the smallest jpeg possible.

While we weren’t big fans of all the Pittsburgh Pirates PS work we did this season, we sometimes just needed to make a quick joke y’know?

In case you were wondering this was the photoshop that warranted the most reaction this season:

This photoshop probably got us in the most trouble all season. It's weird what upsets people

This one sucked, but Charlie Morton was on such a roll that it didn’t really matter I guess.


After Huntington called Matt Hague, the hit collector, we did this one.  It never really caught on and it’s easy to see why. We forgot the most important part, change the movie title to Hit Collector dumb ass and maybe update the lineup on the scoreboard.  (Recycling Photoshop work never pays off)

Free Matt Hague, the Hit Collector, not the Loss Collector....

And to save you the trouble of waiting for these monsters to download, here you go. All at one spot. Our worst of 2011.  From silly All Star Game work, to ocean liners crashing in the water, we covered it.  From Clint Hurdle in a ditch digging a hole to trashing the Brewers in the playoffs, it was all here.

We can’t promise we will get any better.

The worst Pittsburgh Pirates photoshops of 2011

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