Don't tell me they haven't printed tickets yet?

Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training: Anyone Else Got the Itch?

I Have Spring Training Fever


Every year right before Christmas, the fever hits me.

It’s always the same time.

It’s the time of year when we should probably be concerned about all of the Christmas presents that still need purchased. But there is plenty of time left on our Christmas countdown, and sadly even more time on the pitchers and catchers report clock.

Until then, maybe I will just watch this hilarious video.

The video is the closest most of us can get to the McKechnie Field Celebration Bermuda grass in Bradenton, the cold beer under sunny skies, the sound of baseballs hitting maple, the crack of a baseball popping into a catchers glove, the eye black, the bright gold uni’s, and of course the bums on 9th Street asking for booze money while we wait for the gates to open.

God, it can’t happen fast enough.

But until then, we will keep hitting refresh on that machete video up above and of course wait patiently for someone to post some tickets on StubHub.

[Hat tip to Talke Photography for background on JMac.  The guy does unreal work.]

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