The 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Highlight Video: The Darkhorses

Check out the solid Pittsburgh Pirates highlight video of last season in this post. A guy named Drew Brown put it together.

As most of you know who’ve been hanging out here for a while, we try and think of music that might fit the Pittsburgh Pirates. We listen carefully to a bunch of music and of course this typically occurs when we are driving in the Dodge Ram.

I heard the song by Switchfoot many times, but it never clicked until after we did the interview for the podcast with Pirates manager Clint Hurdle the other night. We jumped in the truck after listening to the Hurdle hype (I was so damned pumped up I could have sprinted home) and the song jumped off the radio into my brain.

Imagine my surprise when I went online tonight. It’s perfectly edited. Listen to the song. Remember the games. The rain. The bombs. The darkhorses. Damn last season had a ton of cool memories.

Thank you Drew Brown. Thank you very, very much.

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