Dmitri Young Captures Curiousity of Clint Hurdle after Workout

As Jon Anderson reported last week, the Pittsburgh Pirates did work out Dmitri Young today.  We understand Young is still alive after the workout.

“He met all the criteria we wanted to see,” Hurdle said. “He ran the bases, took balls at first base, threw from the outfield and hit from both sides of the plate. We were able to get a read on him.”

You always knew Young could hit, even back when the Tigers were losing 119 games fans were entertained by Da Meat Hook and his 29 homers.

But off the field problems always haunted Young, who now is 38 years old.  Most recently, he flashed his abilities with the Washington Nationals which was the last time we saw him play in person.

Young headed into the All-Star break with a .340 average in the nation’s capital. He earned an All-Star spot.  Young finished in the top ten with a .320 mark to go with 13 homers.  Young signed with the Nats, but was done after the 2008 season, citing problems stemming from his diabetes.

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