The Pirates and Andrew McCutchen have agreed to a 6-year, $51.5 million extension

Pirates Sign Andrew McCutchen to a Six Year Deal

Bill Brink and Michael Sanserino broke the news that the Pirates had extended Andrew McCutchen late Sunday night. The deal is for six years and $51.5 million with a club option worth $14.75 million. The contract buys out McCutchen’s remaining arbitration seasons and at least two of his free agency years.

This is massive for the Pirates. They have one of the best young players in the game and they gave him the money he deserves. Management has taken a lot of crap over the years, and rightfully so, but now people can be quiet about how the Pirates are going to trade McCutchen, because he’s here for at least six more years.

This deal is very similar to the deal that Justin Upton got, in fact McCutchen got just $250,000 more than him. For right now, I’m ecstatic about the deal. The price is just about right, and let’s face it, the Pirates couldn’t afford to not extend this guy. They got it done early in spring training so now he can play the entire season not worrying about his contract. Andrew McCutchen is a Pirate for the long haul.

More celebration coming later on.

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