Pittsburgh Pirates: Spring Training and The Rumbunter Podcast

The warmth of the Florida sunshine, the deep lungfuls of fresh air, the crack of the bat, the smell of a new glove’s leather, the painful sting in your ears when you listen to the latest Episode of The Rumbunter Podcast™ …
We sat down a few days after the A.J. Burnett deal went down and talked about the trade and the upcoming draft pool with Pirates’ G.M. Neal Huntington, who tries to explain dollars and cents to Cocktailsfor2, with very little of the math actually getting through Cocktails’ thick skull…

Then, we got a report from Kristy Robinson, The latest addition to the stable of stars over at Pirates Prospects, about joining P2 and the “whos” and “whats” are going on down in Bradenton…

Finally, we welcomed to the program Pirates’ farm hand Chris “Smashin’ Lash” Lashmet, who spent 2011 at State College, and talked about training methods, what his first season as a pro was like, and he also let us know what Pirates’ player has a proclivity for using too much cologne

Smashin' Lash!

2011 State College Spikes' 3B Chris Lashmet

You can also learn more about Lash’s favorite charitable cause here: Chloe’s Crew


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