The Rumbunter Podcast - Now, Even MORE Accessible!

Watch out, “mainstream media”!!

You know how we are here at Rumbunter Media Enterprises® (RME) – we’re nothing if not accommodating.  Always looking for another way to infiltrate “The Man’s”  territory, we are now available on iTunes!

With many thanks to our very own Jon Anderson, you are now able to saunter in and download “Everyone’s Favorite Podcast” ™ right from under Apple’s nose! Click HERE to take yourself to the Preview page, or simply search “Rumbunter Podcast” in iTunes.  It’s just that simple!

(And hey, if you get a chance – a nice rating or review would be greatly appreciated!)

(If you prefer to keep getting it at MVP Adam’s page, it’ll still be there, too! What matters is that you get it!!)

It’s fun. It’s free.

It’s the best Pirates’ podcast you can find anywhere

How can you beat that?

You can’t.


ALSO: We’ll be announcing even more RME news in the VERY near future, so keep your cursor clicking on Rumbunter every day!

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