Pittsburgh Pirates 2012

The Slightly Buzzed Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Opening Day Photo Recap

So you might have heard…… we went to the Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day festivities at PNC Park yesterday.

We started enjoying ourselves about 730am after loading up at our craft beer shop.  We stopped and picked Eric McEhlone.     It all tasted so very good, but things were just strange all day.


When we saw Joey Porter humping a jitney bike and Ross Ohlendorf who we thought was in Pawtuckett, we should have known it would be a strange day.


We walked past this guy who needed tickets.  He always needs tickets.  But how stupid is he?  Tickets are available for purchase all over the damn place.  I don’t think he needs tickets.  I bet he isn’t even a baseball fan.

We kept the flow going as we hit all the spots outside the park.

It’s important to stay hydrated on Opening Day.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Before long it was game time and we needed some cash.




Flush with cash, everyone decided we would eat inside the ballpark.  We started walking.  We didn’t think this was really Roy, but we asked just to be sure.

Roy Halladay back from the zoo

With Erik Bedard and Halladay pitching we knew it could be a quick one, so we stopped in the bathroom.

Look who followed us?!??  The Godfather of Pittsburgh media.


Surrounded by Philth, Stan stood tall.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity at the one gate that the briliant operations staff had open in right field,  we didn’t have time to stand in another line for food.  We needed to get to our phenomenal seats behind Clint Hurdle and the Buccos bench.

What we saw didn’t disappoint.

So how about this Matt Hague guy?  He was so anxious to play he stole some of Rod Barajas’ equipment and jumped on the field!

Speaking of Barajas….

We’re not sure about him.  After he put his arm around Chris Resop, the Pirates pitcher seemed really pissed off.  Some guys just ain’t touchy feely y’know?    Next pitch he threw a serious fastball to whiff some strange looking guy that must be a backup player because he throws weird and can’t hit for shit against the Bucs.


The game flew by so quickly we never did eat.   After two hours of traffic we sat down for dinner.  Double entree.  Double sides.  Sushi to go.  Yeh, today was definetly heaven (ly).


Opening weekend is always a great time in Pittsburgh.  But the scheduling by MLB this season pisses us off.  Of course the opener is always sold out. The Friday and Saturday games did well last season.  When Philadelphia rolls into town, like last year, it’s always full.   So Bud Selig, not happy enough with changes to the draft system managed a menage a trois that he should be ashamed of this year.

Took the opener.  Took a weekend.  Added the Phillies.  WTF?  Chuk Wun was pissed about it too…


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