The Matt Diaz Singles Network was not successful in Pittsburgh in 2011.

Matt Diaz Finally Admits It


By now, you’ve probably heard that Matt Diaz hit a bomb off Jamie Moyer yesterday.    I mean a bomb.   Diaz going deep is really big news, but then the sign stealing controversy popped up between Jamie Moyer and Chipper Jones.

In the fifth inning, Jones was at second base after ripping an RBI double, cutting the Rockies lead to 6-2.  In the replay you can see Jones talking with Troy Tulowitzki, when Moyer starts barking at him.  It was quite comical.

When the sign stealing topic came up after the game, Jones was heated and Diaz was quick to share some stories of his time with the Pirates.

I’m sure if you’re like me, you would like to forget about what another Pirates unsuccessful free agent signing had to say, but this is pretty funny.  Here is what Diaz had to say after the game:


“To be honest with you, I’ve tried to get the Braves to relay signs from second ever since I got here, because every other team I’ve been on does it,” Diaz said. “And Chip’s the reason we don’t. He’ll say ‘no, we don’t do that.’ So it’s funny that he got called out on it. Ironic even.”

Diaz said Jones has always preached that hitters tend to expand their strike zones when they know the type and/or location of the that’s coming.  Pointing out that he’s had his best seasons with the Braves, Diaz said he’s probably better off because they don’t relay signs. He spent most of last season with the Pittsburgh Pirates before being traded back to the Braves in August.

Last year we [Pirates] would relay at second sometimes if it was obvious, and I stunk,” Diaz said. “So it’s one of those things… It’s been a part of the game for a long time. But the situation last night was really bizarre. We’re down four [at the time]. Who’s going to swing 3-0 when we’re down four? I mean, even if you get the green light that means you’re really selfish. You better hit a homer. Mac’s a baseball player. He knows.”


At least Diaz is at peace with his hideous time with the Bucs.


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