Rumbunter Podcast: The Pittsburgh Pirates and ...Huh? The Red Sox?

Sure, most of us have become pretty much inured to the losing,


…but what if we were to look at the Pirates through a fresh pair of eyes? Well, that’s exactly what we tried to do when we sat down and spent the greater part of the evening with soxdetox, a very good blogger and newly-minted Pirates fan who explains what it’s like to abandon one’s life-long team and convert to another.

“detox” relates what soured him on the BoSox organization, and why – out of the blue, apparently – he’s latched onto the Bucs. We think it’s a great story, and we had an absolute ball talking with him. We hope you enjoy it, too.

We also feature the usual uncalled-for ranting and cursing from that idiot Cocktailsfor2, Smitty’s calming influence, and MVP Adam’s tight-as-a-drum production. (R.I.P. MCA)

AND  – We announce our “Follow @RumbunterPodcst” contest winner!


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