Pittsburgh Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle Always Wanted to Be a Part of Detroit Tigers History


Detroit Tigers right hander Justin Verlander was masterful tonight.  The guy is talented.  He was at the top of his game.  We get it.

But listening to the post game comments (linked below from the PG) by Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle made me sick, perhaps bitter is a better word.   Hurdle started off his post game comments with a meant to be back hand comment about Verlander winning some awards.

Hurdle, who spent some of his life growing up in Michigan, recaps the game, and talked about the right hander moving to the next gear. He mentions the fact about Verlander doing some game planning and adjusting his approach to Josh Harrison.

The next comment absolutely floored me.

“I always wanted to be part of Tigers history since I was a little kid. I almost was. It would have been bittersweet.”

Unreal.  You have to be fucking kidding me.   What a strange thing to say.  Verlander dominates.  So sure, tipping your cap is one thing, but nothing about the game was bittersweet.

Audio of Hurdle from the Post Gazette.

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