Rumbunter Podcast: Tim Williams @timwilliamsP2, Vlad From @BucsDugout

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With Smitty called away on Super-Secret RumBunter business, Cocktailsfor2 did the smart thing: called upon people who would make him look really good by virtue of their own extensive (and very, very well-informed) Pirates knowledge.

Hence, we sat down with Editor / Contributor Vlad from Bucs Dugout – learned, erudite and personable – and then the ever-popular, ever-knowledgeable, ever-available Tim Williams, proprietor and Media Mogul from Pirates Prospects.

As you would imagine, the talk extensively covered the minor leagues, but we also discussed other baseball-related stories, such as THIS piece by Kid Nichols. It’s called “Pitchers Are Sissies Now”, and it was published in the January 1948 issue of Baseball Digest.

Also, we delve into the world of science, with Tim delving into the world of cyborgs (wha-a-a-a-t?!?)


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