Contest Winner: How To Improve Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media Night

The Pittsburgh Pirates held their first social media night of the 2012 season last Friday.  By all accounts it was a big success.  We had some ideas for improving the fun and asked you for yours.

Of course the most intelligent readers on the internet didn’t disappoint.  But one person really impressed our drunk judges and will win $100.

Here were the shitty ideas that we had:

It will be the first social media night of the season at PNC, and we thought we should add our two cents to the topic. This will be therapeutic for you, as it gets your mind of the dreams of getting Nick Swisher and his 1.5 million Twitter followers in black and yellow.

The most difficult thing about social media is measuring the return on the investment. The Pirates need slam-dunk social media winners immediately, so we decided on some things that would send the Pirates social media brand skyrocketing.

Add your ideas in the comment section, and the funniest one will get $100 bucks. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed – just drop in a thought or two.

Here is what we came up with:

Fan Locker Room Video

Let one fan into the locker room to shoot their own commercial. Sorta like this one…


Operation Help The Lonely 3rd Base Coach.

Nick Leyva is the Pittsburgh Pirates third base coach. He has seen the fewest base runners reach third base in Major League Baseball. He has to be the loneliest guy on the planet. So, what if Leyva were able to update his Facebook page while coaching third? He could pick out a few Bettys from the stands to join him in the coaching box….

Raid Nutting’s Twitter.

Let fans snoop through Bob Nutting’s twitter account and retweet what they find.

Here were the ideas that the judges loved from LeeHanyo:

umpire has to call balls and strikes over Twitter. There’s a live feed of his account on the scoreboard and a search widget of any tweets directed at him next to it. I guess they can filter it for bad words and stuff to keep the whole “family friendly” environment going. Also, all players are required to tweet once per inning. Their tweets will show up on the peripheral boards around the stadium. Also, players must check in on four square to any base they reach or any position they play.

Checking in on foursquare…..

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