The State College Spikes Remind Everyone They Suck

Ahh, negotiating through the media.  It’s such a ridiculously stupid move by the State College Spikes, especially so close to the beginning of their season.

Trust me, I get it.  The Spikes rarely win.  That sucks.  But reminding everyone about it  through the media?    We don’t think that makes much sense.

The Spikes General Manager Jason Dambach deicded to share with Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirror the Spikes desire to wait until September before renogiating with the Pittsburgh Pirates on renewing their agreement for the short season Minor League team.

The Spikes feel winning is very important.  No shit.  Isn’t that why there is a scoreboard in most every ballpark in North America?

The Spikes GM was quoted as saying, “we’ve never really even come close to the playoffs.” Ahh, the Spikes suck.  Shit, I almost forgot!  Thanks for reminding me….. let me run out and buy season tickets!

“So the mandate has been put out there. We didn’t have a good team last year, and so it really doesn’t make any sense to re-sign with the Pirates until September, if we are to do that.”

Pure.  Genius.

It seems obvious that there is a disconnect between Chuck’s men and Frank’s men.

But let’s face it.  We also realize that this move isn’t about just winning on the field.  This is more about putting butts in the seats in State College.  Sure the Spikes want to see a winner on the field–it will certainly helps fill the seats, but that won’t keep the fans coming back.  When we reached out last season to inquire about a group outing we could hear frustration.

The team rarely knows what players they will have until the season is nearly read to start–so yeh, that sucks.

When the players do arrive, the team doesn’t win, so that sucks too.

So after seven years of not knowing who is on the team, and the team ends up sucking ass each season, wouldn’t you think the Spikes organization would have figured out that it isn’t about winning?  Why base a minor league baseball organization around something that is so hard to achieve?  Shouldn’t it be about something that is sustainable.  Something that lasts.  A love affair with the team if you will.  Something that creates loyalty and sells out the stadium for years to come?

Maybe State College should check out what the Dayton Dragons have done. You might have  read the book entitled Marketing Outrageously, it details how the Dayton Dragons set the record for consecutive sellouts at 815 games.  Last July the Dragons passed the Portland Trail Blazers prestigious distinction.  Using the Dragons as a role model would be a good start.

The Spikes haven’t had a winning season since they were a Cardinals affiliate in 2006.  The Dragons have had two winning seasons in the past nine years.

The Dragons asked themselves one very important question way back when…this is it:   “What’s it going to take to have the best customer service in all of sports?”

The Spikes haven’t come around to asking that question yet.   It looks like they are still waiting for someone to hand them a winner.


Heh! The Spikes are a VALUE!

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