The Best of Pittsburgh Pirates Photoshops, Part One

The Best of the Pittsburgh Pirates Photoshops

Pittsburgh Pirates photoshops is what we love to do. So we tried to wrangle up the best of the 2012 season thus far for you to enjoy. Which one is your favorite?



Much ado was made about Pedro Alvarez’s weight…horseshit.

Pedro Alvarez is a slugging machine

Juan Cruz has been a solid addition to the bullpen.

Juan Cruz got his second save of 2012

The Bucs were 7-2 when they scored more than one run. Baffling.

Why can't Erik Bedard get some runs from his Pirates teammates?

After six innings and one run allowed Jamie Moyer hit the showers, the Bucs would rally for a big win against Colorado.

Did you know?

The Clint Barmes scoreboard graphic at PNC Park is a classic.

PNC Park has some excellent graphics this season, none better than the one for Always Smooth Clint Barmes.

We called bullshit on Baseball America and their AL scout source who said Pedro was overweight and would be a non-prospect.

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