Baby Names: How 'Bout Zoltan Sutton?

Drew Sutton deserves some good fortune, and he is finding it with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the ultimate expression of “fun with small sample sizes” he has an OPS of 1.102 and is slugging .677 thanks to four doubles, a triple, and a walkoff bomb.

He’s made 33 plate appearances for the Pirates, and has 12 hits.

You can find Sutton at the top of the Pirates lineup since he was re-acquired on June 24.  Sutton signed on with the Braves, didn’t make it. Got picked up by the Pirates for a few hours, and then moved to the Rays. After batting a respectable .271 for Tampa Bay, the smarter-than-everyone Rays let him loose when their players got healed.

The Bucs snatched him back up, and he has been a cult hero in Pittsburgh.

It hasn’t all been high fives and giggles for Sutton. He and his wife lost a child last year the day after she was born. Now Sutton’s wife is pregnant again, and has been told not to travel. Remember the delay in Sutton arriving in Pittsburgh? He was spending time with her.

He’s a smart man.

Maybe the Suttons will name their boy, who is due in October,  Zoltan?

Zoltan Sutton has a spark to it. Sounds exciting.

Just like Drew Sutton has been since he’s arrived in Pittsburgh.

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