Bob Ryan Disrespects Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates Christmas Story Style

Pittsburgh has a complex about being disrespected in the media. People flipped about Josh Hamilton’s interview while Andrew McCutchen was attempting to hit bombs in the Derby.  Shit… seriously?  Hamilton could snap at any time!  If we were the show’s producer, we would have a camera on Hamilton non-freaking-stop.

But when someone goes off like Bob Ryan did, well, it’s a problem for us.  This is pathetic.  Watch the video linked below.  It’s from PTI yesterday. The clown nose babbling about Andrew McCutchen is Bob Ryan.

You have no idea who the hell that is.

All we can say is good luck in the future, big boy, and you’d better pray you never need an interview from a Pittsburgh Pirates player.

But anyway, you have no idea who the hell Bob Ryan is. Maybe, just maybe, you might recognize this asshole as the guy who said that the wife of New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd – who was allegedly the victim of domestic abuse – needed someone to “smack her.”

That was how long ago?  And he is still working for ESPN.  Pretty classy organization… just wait until you hear what he said about the Pirates.  Nutter Kobashi captured his douchebaggery today and a friend of mine tweeted it to me tonight.

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