Pedro Alvarez now has twenty homeruns for the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Lumber Company: Pittsburgh Pirates Piling Up Wins Via Long Ball, Lead Majors in Runs Scored Again

The Pittsburgh Pirates hit 107 home runs last season. After another barrage last night, the Pirates have 103. It’s good for tenth in Major League Baseball with no end in sight.

Just when fans think it looks the darkest, the team blasts a bomb like Pedro Alvarez did last night and the team is back in the game. And then someone else joins in, last night it was Neil Walker with his eighth homer of the year.

Nothing is more incredible to watch than Pedro Alvarez. Check this out, five of Alvarez’s last seven hits have been….you guessed it #PEDROBOMBS.

Andrew McCutchen has 22.

Pedro Alvarez now has 20.

Garrett Jones has 13.

Neil Walker, Casey McGehee, and Rod Barajas have 8.

So obviously the Bucs are scoring runs. Yeeeh, you could say that.

You’re an intelligent fan.  That’s obvious because you’re visiting RumBunter, but we bet you didn’t know that Pedro Alvarez has 12 bombs in his past 28 games.  He is 29-for-his-last-97 with five doubles to go with those 12 #PedroBombs.

The Pirates led Major League Baseball in runs scored in the month of June with 146. So far in July, the team has plated 89 and were leading the league heading into tonights victory over Miami.


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