Pirates Jose Tabata: Say It Isn't So

With the Pittsburgh Pirates continually winning series after series this year, one thing has been glossed over a bit this season.  Jose Tabata. 

Yeh, there have been a few comments here and there.  But the Bucs are moving on down the line without the player that looked like he could be a real player at the top of the  Pittsburgh Pirates batting order.   The Bucs are winning without him.  I admit, I haven’t really paid much attention to just how poorly Tabata performed this season. 

Now there is this regarding how Tabata is performing at the AAA level from a NL scout via John Perrotto.

“He’s dogging it,” one scout from a National League organization said. “He is jogging down the line when he hits a ground ball. He looks completely disinterested, even more disinterested than when he was in the major leagues. You don’t have to watch him long to realize he doesn’t want to be there.”



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