Some Quotes From Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington Interview on 93.7 The Fan

Neal Huntington was on 93.7 The Fan this morning.  Be sure to check out the Fan’s website as they get the interviews up quickly.  Here are a few of the things the Pittsburgh Pirates GM had to say…

Wandy is very quietly has been one of the best pitchers in the game since 2008.

We are looking for the right fit to add a bat.  We are still exploring adding a bat.  We don’t have limitless resources.

We will work through that (who gets sent to bullpen), we will announce the rotation as it comes back around.  We have some time.  Wandy pitched Monday night.

We would prefer to get a player with years of control, but it’s not an absolute.

If he (Wandy) pitches well enough to walk away from a $14 million dollar player option, then we will have got real value.

I don’t see us mortgaging the future for a two month rental.

It’s pure law of supply and demand, we may want to add X, but if its not attainable, then we will have to go to Y.  In a perfect world the bat will supplement and compliment the club.

On Marte:   Starling continues to show he is progressing to a point where he could come up and contribute.  We are feeling good and we feel he could come up and not be hurt by the environment.  We may be wrong.  He may come up and hit .600 or he may hit .060.

At times he will show he has times when he can be a gifted corner outfielder, at times he shows that he is a player that has played centerfield all his life.  It will take him some time to be an accomplished corner outfielder when he comes up here.

We don’t see a guy on the market that would compell us to trade Gerrit Cole or Jameson Taillon.

Jeff Clement has continued to swing the bat very well at AAA.  If we bring Clement up and then add a bat, he could be the first one getting sent back…….  We just have to work through all of the roster implications.

About who was calling during the press conference:  It was Wandy Rodriguez!  It speaks a lot about the player that he called back that many times.  (lots of great laughs)  I wanted to be able to welcome him to the organization in private.


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