Will Andrew McCutchen respond for the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow night?

Could It All Start Over Tonight for Pittsburgh Pirates MVP Candidate Andrew McCutchen?

Did something click last night when Andrew McCutchen was beaned in the ninth inning of a slumberfest by the new lumber company Pittsburgh Pirates?  Was it a total sign of disrespect by the Reds, or was it simply a fastball that got away?  Of course that depends on your fan hood.

Reds fans say, come on, grow up.  Are you really that caught up in yourself Mr. MVP?

Pirates fans argue it was the ultimate sign of arrogance by the big bully–the NL Central leading Cincinnati Reds.

But there is one thing that there is no debate about.  Andrew McCutchen didn’t like it.

Us?  We could care less really.  We just want our slugging MVP to-be back.  If it takes getting drilled in the shoulder by a 101 mile per hour fastball to wake up the Pittsburgh Pirates star, heh, that’s awesome.

It’s not like he is slumping, but after watching Cutch hit like Ted Williams for such a long time, his past ten games are just so average.  Wait…we mean so above average for normal MLB players.  But for Cutch, no homers, no triples, and four doubles in his past fifteen games sucks.

Hell, McCutchen is only hitting .344 in his past ten games.  He only has six hits in his past eleven at bats.  He doesn’t have a bomb since July 17.  It’s freaking comical how well he has played this season, but his power has dropped in the past fifteen.  Face it, we’re worried about it.  The thought of McCutchen putting this team on his shoulders brings back horrible thoughts of last season.  Let’s trust getting beaned doesn’t start the pull happy McCutchen of last season.

We don’t think it will.

But what if it’s the “Jerry Meals moment” of the 2012 season?  Damn that would suck.

But regardless of what happens down the road,  last night the Pirates were as quiet as they could possibly be.  The Reds pitchers were throwing so well double plays were killing any thought of the comeback kids pulling out another victory.  In the ninth inning Chapman was cruising…Marte up, Marte down.  Snider up, Snider down.

Up steps McCutchen leading the world in hitting.   So it would make perfect sense for Dusty Baker to call for a bean ball in such quiet times right?

Look, we don’t know who called it, but damn.  The Reds were up by just three runs.  Cutch gets beaned putting the go ahead run in the on-deck circle?  What??  The Reds have no respect.  Cutch said it himself a couple days ago.

The Pirates haven’t earned that respect.  Tomorrow is a good time to start.

CUE THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God, if McCutchen gets started again thanks to a ridiculous beanball, we pity Dusty and the boys.

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