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Pittsburgh Pirates Luis Heredia Grabbing Headlines Again

The Pittsburgh Pirates Luis Heredia is now a teenager with a following. MILB takes a detailed look at how he is growing up in the minors. Be sure to check it out.

Heredia gives a detailed account of three of his pitches.

We found this especially interesting about his curveball, the evaluation is from the State College Spikes pitching coach, Justin Meccage.

Origin: I learned it in Mexico, from my coach, Hector Chavarria, when I was 15 years old. It was difficult to learn at first. It’s a 12-to-6 break.
Purpose: His curveball is more of a strike pitch right now. He only throws two or three and no more than five per fame. What we are working on is the ability to strike guys out with the curveball. Developing the fastball is the first step and right behind that is the changeup — especially for a power guy like him. As we progress, developing the curveball will be the next process.

Grip: With my index and middle fingers, two-seam curveball.

Speed: 78-79 mph.

Evaluation: It’s pitch No. 3 for him. A lot of it mentality, that it can be a put-away pitch. In the future, as soon as when he gets to instructional league, you’ll see him increase his hand speed, and that will bring sharper depth. Right now, it’s a big-depth pitch — it’s really big — and if we can shorten the depth and throw it with more fastball arm-speed and hand-speed, it will be sharper and smaller and it will become a strikeout pitch. Not this last outing but two outings ago, it was nice to see him bring it to the table with two strikes


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