Pedro Alvarez hit his 22nd bomb of the season with his arms, with his massive arms.

Pedro Alvarez Photo Essay: How To Hit A Home Run Using Only Your Arms

Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Pedro Alvarez got us what we were jonesing for two days ago.  A Pedro Bomb.   He now has 22 on the season.  El Toro has seven no doubt bombs on the year, which ties him with Alfonso Soriano for second in the National League.

Los Angeles Dodgers Joe Blanton goes to the changeup with a one ball and one strike count on Pedro.  Pedro reaches the ball and watch his head if you are keeping score at home.

Please notice Pedro’s lower body. Awesome. Not needed. There might be some flex in the right knee.  We can’t really say, but one thing doesn’t happen those powerful hips don’t move.  Unreal.

Now look at those arms, those massive freaking arms.  They do all the work.  Hell, if you look at 1:34 on this video, Pedro gets his hips through more in his practice golf swing….

Heh, Joe Blanton….Pedro Alvarez doesn’t even need his hips to take you deep!

And another view of Pedro’s massive arms doing work.

Let’s look ahead. El Toro crushed baseballs the last time he played in St. Louis. Want to know some good news about the Bucs? Three hits today from Pedro, he was just a triple shy of a cycle against the L.A. pitchers, is exactly what the Pirates need from their slugger.

Now about that pitching….

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