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Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Finally Have Their Leadoff Hitter in Brock Holt?

The Pittsburgh Pirates celebrated Clint Hurdle ‘Put a Foot Down’ Tuesday by winning a baseball game last night.  The Bucs top of the order responded with a big night and put it to the Houston Astros.

Unfortunately, the Bucs won just 6-2.  With any remote production from the bottom of the order, the game is a blowout.  But for what the Pirates lacked from the bottom of the order, the top took care of business, especially rookie Brock Holt who provided the spark at the top of the Pirates order that has been missing all season.

The number one spot in the Pirates order is their worst.   Seriously it is.  A few players have been given an opportunity by Clint Hurdle this season, and it tallies up to 563 at bats, good for just 129 hits with a paltry 34 walks and 118 strikeouts.   From the leadoff spot!

The batting average from the Pirates number one spot in the order is pathetic. Pirates leadoff hitters have a putrid .229 batting average with a .279 on base percentage and a .355 slugging.

Brock Holt went four-for-five in the leadoff spot with a double and three knocks. Holt set the table for Andrew McCutchen who knocked in three runs with a four hit night of his own.  Cutch now has the most four hit nights in Major League Baseball with six.

The big question will be where will Holt play when Neil Walker returns from his back injury?

Let’s face it, Holt isn’t going to be this hot for the remainder of the season, but he is this hot right now.

Break out the fungo, fellas. Give Holt as many groundballs at shortstop as you can. Clint Barmes has been an o.k. shortstop, he’s got some nice  range, but if he was so solid at shortstop why hasn’t he showed that defensive ability all season?  Despite what the stellar UZR rating says, Barmes hasn’t been able to offset his offensive woes with his glove.

Barmes can be the late inning replacement if Hurdle decides he must play.

The Pirates have tried relentlessly to find a shortstop of the future. Brock Holt might not be Mr. Right.

But he’s Mr. Right Now.

The Rock was spotted wearing the Brock Star shirt recently in Hollywood

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