The Pittsburgh Pirates As Halloween Candy

I am going to share one of my biggest faults of my Pittsburgh Pirates fandom this year.    I wanted nothing more to fast forward from July directly to the post-season.  As we celebrated in the parking lot our minds always drifted to October.  Sometimes we clarified it, but a few times we didn’t.

So as we walked the Halloween candy aisle this weekend, a thought came to us.  We could compare the season to enjoying a Charms Blow Pop.  You know, those suckers that give you so much for your money.    The Pirates were giving fans the best value in the game of baseball a few months ago.

The artificial flavors 0f a Blow Pop are so damn good, but it never seems to be enough does it?  Just like we all loved watching Andrew McCutchen playing like he was the guy on the juice, we always wanted more.  But we just couldn’t enjoy it enough back then,  our minds couldn’t just soak that in, no, we  wanted to bite right into the tasty, chewy core that we knew was waiting.

After 19 years, we thought we deserved it.  I deserve nothing.

So now it doesn’t look like it’s going to be there.  It pisses us off.  We can see it, but damn it’s going to take like 14 or more wins to get there, maybe 16.  It could happen, but the team has made it awfully hard.

Damn, I just wanted that yummy gum.

So if the Pirates 2012 season is a blow pop, how about some of the players?   We reach into our bag of treats and give it a shot.    Most of them suck.


Leave yours in the comments, maybe we will send you something delicious.

Dave G. is the first entrant:

Cocktailsfor2 is so solid…

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