The Pittsburgh Pirates are .500

The Pittsburgh Pirates are .500.  At one point, such an achievement would be celebrated wildly.  Not in 2012.

This is rock bottom everyone.  We don’t even know what to say anymore.

Marco Estrada? The Pirates saw him for the third time and that was the offensive production?

The fans didn’t give up and despite everything that has happened, are still believeing in this team. They showed up at the ballpark, they showed up on twitter, and listened in on the radio.

So many Pittsburgh Pirates fans are suffering right now. It’s hard to even describe the 2012 season. The Pirates keep showing up on the Wild Card Chase they show on your television set, but despite being in the middle of the heat–rookies are playing key roles.

Kyle McPherson gave up a homer on the second pitch, but limited the damage and got through his first Major League start surrendering two runs.

Jeff Karstens pitched solid and kept the Brewers off balance, but the Pirates offense was non-existent until Andrew McCutchen hit an opposite field bomb in the ninth inning.

But the comeback would be short lived. The Pirates are .500 at 74-74. It’s almost impossible to believe.

This is something straight out of Hollywood.

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