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Heh, Check Out RumBunter on Fansided's New iOS App


You asked for it, you got it.  RumBunter is thrilled to let you know that a new IOS app for your iPhone and iPad through iTunes is now available.  The Fansided app is compatible with your iPhone 3Gs, iPhne 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch–the third, fourth, and fifth generation, as well as iPad.

The app requires iOS 5.0 or later to operate.

With this app you can get all of the RumBunter content, along with all the other Fansided sites that you love.  Also you can customize the app to pick only what you like–if you are a die-hard Pittsburgher and love the Pirates and the Steelers, you can get content from RumBunter and NicePickCowher.
You can also comment through the app.  We love comments—LOVE ‘em!
Another feature is that you can personalize it for all the sites you like within the network.
We wanted to make you aware of some of our favorites so we noted a few of the sites we like to read.  They are all listed below for you:

The Barstool – FanSided’s newest site.  The team over there is the best of the best (that’s why we aren’t on that site)  and they write about both sports and entertainment.

Fantasy CPR – With  your fantasy football team in deep shit, we think this site will help with all of your gameday decsions, you big Kevin Colbert GM you!

Call to the Pen – FanSided’s MLB flagship  has all of the baseball news that you can’t find here.

Seedlings to Stars – Want to know about prospects?  Be sure to check this site out today!

So don’t wait around readin all this crap, roll over to iTunes and download the app.  Remember,  It’s free!


[  Here is the  link to access iTunes in order to download the app. ]




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