Homer Bailey no-hit the Pittsburgh Pirates. Photo credt: Howard Smith

Hollywood Couldn't Write This....Homer Bailey No-Hits Pittsburgh Pirates

The more we think about the Pittsburgh Pirates, the more we imagine the movie. But if people in the future aren’t educated about the Pittsburgh Pirates before walking into the movie theater, it would be impossible to believe.

The movie will be ridiculed by critics, simply because it is so damn unbelievable.

The Pirates were no-hit by Homer Bailey and lost 1-0 to the Cincinnati Reds. Bailey set a career high in strikeouts.

Alex Presley, Jordy Mercer, Garrett Jones, Jose Tabata—didn’t get real close. Pedro Alvarez had the closest thing to a hit, but ripped his ball into a shift on the left side of the infield. Rod Barajas and Clint Barmes, didn’t get a hit either.  Nobody got a hit.

Andrew McCutchen walked. Stole second base. And then was thrown out at third base.

Barmes reached on an errror. The Bucs had those two baserunners. That’s it.

We were having a pretty cool evening as I was inducted into the Robert Morris Hall of Fame. We wrapped everything up and hopped in our truck to hear Homer Bailey stepping into the box. We thought it was bad sign so late in the game, but we never even dreamt about a no-hitter

Greg Brown said no-hitter about three hundred times.

The jinx tactic didn’t work. For the first time since 1971, the Pirates were no hit. Back then it was a pitcher named Bob Gibson. Last night it was Homer Bailey,  who absolutely owns the Bucs at PNC Park.

Let’s just trust last night was the final scene in a 20 -year horror movie.

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