Pittsburgh Pirates Star Andrew McCutchen Joins ESPN The Next Round Served Up By Jim Beam

Jim Beam® and ESPN are partners in an exclusive, entertaining web series ESPN The Next Round — Served Up By Jim Beam®.    We gotta admit that we had never heard of the show before the Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen hopped on a couple days ago.

The show is hosted by ESPN personality and award-winning journalist Scoop Jackson.   The show seems pretty cool and there are quite a few back episodes available online.  The website says Jim Beam® and ESPN will provide Bourbon fans and sports fans with access to the most exciting table in town.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen and Brian Baumgartner talk about the sports they enjoy watching, but don’t want anyone knowing about.

The next question is a really good one and it’s been a hot topic lately. Scoop Jackson asks Andrew McCutchen and Brian Baumgartner which rookie quarterbacks they would take for the future–RG3, Russell Wilson, or Andrew Luck.

The choice McCutchen makes is the one you wouldn’t think. Check…

Scoop, McCutchen and Baumgartner discuss Ray Lewis’ season-ending injury, and debate whether his injury is more significant to his team than Derek Jeter’s.


But the question we have is very different from the one Scoop Jackson asks the stars on The Next Round.  We want to know just what the hell is that in McCutchen’s glass?

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