MLB Rumors: Pirates Owner Bob Nutting Checked Out SEALS While at World Series


Pittsburgh Pirates majority owner Bob Nutting is in San Francisco for the World Series.   But his heart is in Pittsburgh, which is evidenced by what are-  supposedly –  a couple postcards he sent back to the Burgh.

Nutting, whose investigation of  “The Collapse 2.0″ has now reached day thirty, watched the Giants take an unlikely 2-0 lead over the Detroit Tigers in the World Series last night.   The first win was behind the 85-mph tossing Barry Zito, last night was a strong outing from another lefty.  Madison Bumgarner struck out five of the first ten Tigers batters.

We think the tide turned when the Giants left fielder picked a ball out of Satan’s Corner, and with Gene Lamont waving his arm, Detroit’s Prince Fielder chugged toward home.  It looked much worse than it sounds.  The  relay throw to the plate was in time, and what appeared at first to have been an opportunity for the Tigers to jump up in the game was gone in an instant.

It went downhill from there for the Tigers offense.   The Giants could do nothing wrong.  Even Hunter Pence got a big hit.  They got an insane bunt down.

While stud closer Brian Wilson cheered from the bench, the new photo-bombing Sergio Romo got his second save in as many days, and it simply looks like everything is going the Giants’ way.  It all reminded us of the wildness of game one.  Zito getting a hit off Justin Verlander.   Kung-Fu Panda crushing three bombs in three at-bats?

Hoka Hey!

But what is  important to Buccos fans is the fact that Nutting is at the Series.   Even more importantly, we got our hands on what looks like a postcard addressing the SEALS situation that has been the buzz around the team in recent days.

It looks like there really is an investigation by Bob Nutting happening after all.

Here is the front of the post card:

Rumors have it that Bob Nutting checked out the SEALS in San Francisco.

And the back:

The postcard Pirates owner Bob Nutting reportedly sent to Pirates President Frank Coonelly

Bob Nutting is always on it.  We should have known.

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  • DaquidoBazzini

    The rookies were transported by van to an extremely dark warehouse in Bradenton, FL. Though they were left semi blindfolded, it allowed them to get a slight glimpse of the men conducting their abduction….. All unknown and dressed in stretch pants, turtle necks and hog masks.
    Fear surrounded the setting.
    Suddenly they heard the word….”Halt!”
    In the distance, minor league sergeants Kyle Stark and Larry Broadway could be seen coming forward…..Both dressed in complete army fatigue gear from head to toe.
    They stopped five yards away from the men….And Stark spoke loud and clear.
    “Hoka Hey!…..It’s a great day to die!”
    “GM Huntington has informed me that you five men are the last bunch….The toughest bunch…..So far,” stated Stark.
    Stark took three more steps forward, literally getting in the men’s face.
    “Spring training ends tomorrow, and one of you will head to Pittsburgh with the big team. Who wants to go?!”
    Without hesitation…..All five players yelled…”Me sir!!!!”
    A covered, machine looking object was wheeled in by the henchmen that had helped the players into the facility.
    Stark inched closer while Broadway began to take the covering off the mysterious object.
    “Hoka Hey!!!!”, yelled Stark at the top of his lungs once again.
    “You say you want to join the big team?!?!?!”……
    “The first one to get water boarded will take their spot on the plane”…..
    Who’s it gonna be?!?!?!?!”

    By Daquido Bazzinni

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