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Pirates in Arizona Fall League: Who the Hell is Kyle Kaminska Throws No-Hit Ball for Five+ Innings

Reading about Kyle Kaminska having success in the Arizona Fall League reminds me of the Charlie Morton flash of success.  The Ohio native has dropped his ERA to 2.00 ERA and he’s allowed just one earned run in his last 14 innings. Remember when Morton was unhittable for a super milisecond and would bean a few batters along the way?

Yeh, Kaminska is in a similar zone.  Kaminska fired his sinker successfully once again, and the guy is rolling in the hitter friendly AFL.  The right hander has some great quotes in the article:

“I feel like whenever my stuff is going well, I’ll end up letting loose and hitting a guy,” said Kaminska, who beaned a pair of batters while taking a no-hitter into the fifth inning Monday. “Not on purpose, it’s just one of those days when your arms feels good and everything had good bite to it.”

Kaminska allowed one hit over five innings in Scottsdale’s 7-1 win over Peoria in the Arizona Fall League.    The pitcher acqured in the Gaby Sanchez deal from Miami gave up a single after he had retired a batter in the fifth innng.

Go read the story.  It’s a good one.

Also if you want to know about Kaminska we wrote about him last week. 


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