Jason Grilli to the Brewers would really suck.

MLB Trade Rumors Contest is Live: Jason Grilli to Brewers?

Tim at MLB Trade Rumors has the Seventh Annual Free Agent Predicition Contest live.  He predicts the new homes of the Top 50 Free Agents and you can too.  The details are posted below.

But Tim’s list is intresting, he got eight picks right last season.  The eye opener for us was seeing Tim predict that Jason Grilli will be headed to Milwaukee.  Ughh, that would suck.   As much as Grilli trailed off late in the season, the Bucs still need to bring him back.  His insane strikeeout rate just can’t be ignored.

Tim has the Buccos picking up Jeremy Guthrie, ughh….tha would suck.


  The entire list of available free agents  can be found here, and you can filter by position and signing team with  our free agent tracker here.

Last year, we introduced a contest that allowed you to test your free agent  prediction abilities against those of the MLBTR writing team as well as other  readers.  Of 5,020 total entries, only one person managed to bat .300 and  make 15 correct picks.  I set the bar pretty low, managing just eight  correct.  The contest is back for 2013 and is open now!  You can enter your picks anytime between now and November 7th at  midnight central time, and you’re free to make changes up until that point.   A Facebook account is required.  Once all top 50 players have signed,  the winners will receive sweet prizes.  Here are the top 50 free agents for  which you’ll be making predictions, along with my guesses

Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/10/2013-top-50-free-agents-with-predictions-1.html#ZQRC7URAdcpBb8Su.99

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