Pirates GM Elder Statesman: Covering the Bases – An Evening with our GM’s

The connected world of Major League Baseball is very interesting.  Just look at the number of baseball executives The University of Massachusetts is piling up in the MLB ranks. 

Neal Huntington, Ben Cherington and Chris Antonetti were at UMass for a roundtable hosted by their Sport Management Department and the link below is a pretty good read.   

It’s hard to imagine Huntington as the elder statesman, but let’s face it, it’s a fact.

Of course you know Antonetti is now the general manager for the Cleveland Indians.  You might know that Huntington gave him a shot with the Tribe. 

Cherington, is now in his second year as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox, but he got his start in the game with the Indians when Huntington ‘gave him a shot’ in the advanced scouting department.  

We especially enjoyed this quote:


During his time with former MLB franchise Montreal Expos, now the Washington Nationals, Huntington and fellow baseball executive and UMass alumnus Dave Littlefield were looking for an intern for the summer and used their connections with UMass to find Antonetti, whom the university “raved” about and “exceeded expectations.”

“You pull for good people in the game and (Cherington and Antonetti) are obviously both very good people and very talented,” Huntington said. “Friendships have continued to form and evolve and I consider them two of my closest friends in the game.”

Be sure to check out the story in The Daily Collegian today. 

Here is the link

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