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Jason Grilli rocked a sweet tie at his press conference.

“My decision was pretty easy when it came down to the positives and negatives, the city itself, how it‘s welcomed me. The fans especially.

“I conceded money for the joys of what this area brings. I know what‘s going on here. I know what matters to me. This was just the right fit for me. The comfort of knowing where I‘m gonna be. The mound … I couldn‘t be happier being a Pirate again.”

“I‘m not trying to push Hanrahan. I‘ve talked to him, and that‘s something I can‘t control. I know we‘re a pretty good tandem, and I‘d hate to lose a guy that I know. Arguably, we‘re a couple of the best bullpen guys you can have out there. I hope we can do that.”

“The grass is never always greener. It’s really all the same. There’s just something fitting here. It’s just a baseball town and it bugs me as much as it bugs everybody else in this city. They want this so bad.”

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