Pass the Eggnog, Pirates Trade of Joel Hanrahan To Red Sox Delayed Until After Christmas

The ongoing saga of the Pittsburgh Pirates month long attempt to trade their All-Star closer Joel Hanrahan will be delayed until after Christmas.   Pass the ham Uncle Billy.

Yesterday was packed with details and rumors of players to be included in the deal.  Some reports said three players would be coming to the Pirates from the Red Sox, others had four Red Sox players headed to the ‘Burgh.   (Posts from yesterday are here and here and a bunch all over the site from the past week too)

One of the names that caught our attention was former Houston closer Mark Melancon (our post on Melancon here) who had an awful year with the Red Sox after a nice year in 2011 with the Houston Astros.

Jon Heyman tweeted that the clubs were still talking about the final players that would be included.  Melancon is still a strong possibility, but it hasn’t been confirmed.  It’s also been reported that Melancon hasn’t been told about the trade.  In fact, nothing has been oficially confirmed in this saga.

What if the Red Sox sleep on it and realize it’s all a mistake?  Sort of like the Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 season.

Heh, pass some more ham Uncle Billy.  And splash that eggg nog with some rum too.  Merry Christmas.



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