Pittsburgh Pirates Finalize Trade of Joel Hanrahan to the Boston Red Sox

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired right-handed pitchers Mark Melancon and Stolmy Pimentel along with outfielder, first baseman Jerry Sands and infielder Ivan DeJesus from the Boston Red Sox.

Melancon is one of the key pieces that we initially see in the deal. The hard throwing reliever has racked up 21 saves over 147 relief appearances with the New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. After struggling in a big way with the Sox in 2012, he posted stellar numbers with the Triple-A farm Club Pawtucket including eleven saves and barely giving up any runs.

Sands is the big upside player the Red Sox acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers. The right handed power hitter was named the Minor League Player of the Year in 2010 after crushing 35 bombs and hitting just over 300. During the 2012 season he crushed 26 bombs.

DeJesus, Jr. also was with Albuquerque in 2012 where he played sixty games and hit .295. When he was promoted to Triple-A Pawtucket, he had ten hits in 26 at-bats.

Pimentel made 22 starts with Double-A Portland in 2012.

The Pirates also included Brock Holt in the deal. Holt was initially electric in providing the Bucs with some some resemblance of offense (#INFIELDHIT) during his call-up last season with the Bucs. However, it was apparent the glove still needed some seasoning although it does appear that his bat will certainly play at the big league level.

Some reaction:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Spot-Ify/100002984742258 Michael

    Well, I think this is a great trade by the Bucs and a head scratcher for the Sox. I’m a Sox fan and am getting pretty sick, really, really, sick of this front office shipping away boatloads of players for now, 3 closers! I sure wish they had just signed Papelbon for crying out loud. We’d still have Reddick, Lowrie and all the rest who could’ve been used to get outfielders and starting pitching. Mind numbing. I just have to hope “The Hammer” is un-hittable. Good work by the Pirates front office here.

    • Tj Streib

      You Red Sox fans are going to LOOOOOOOOVE Brock Holt! Seriously, the guy can flat out hit! A little suspect with the glove, but the bat more than makes up for it & I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win a batting title or two. Second coming of Wade Boggs? And his mom’s not bad on the eyes either. Pirates are absolutely idiotic to keep Clint Barmass over that guy! You guys got a steal!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Spot-Ify/100002984742258 Michael

      I hope you’re right. But, he’s a 2nd baseman right? I know he plays SS for Pit but, it’s not his natural position?

      He’s got great avg and obp in the minors, but doesn’t look like he has any power. The other thing, is that Pedroia is blocking him at 2nd. So, if he’s going to be raking it’s going to be in AAA.

      You guys are going to haaaate Mark Melancon. He gives up the longest homeruns I’ve ever seen.

      Jerry Sands is the good guy for Pit in the deal IMO. Can play an easy outfield corner and a I guess a good 1st base. He has power in the minors, but hasn’t shown it in the bigs yet. But, he could surely be a 25+ HR guy, no prob.

    • Tj Streib

      Holt plays all infield positions – MAINLY short. Batted .322 at AA then was even better at AAA – .432. “Hammer Time” was leading the league in saves before the team went into free fall (only 3 saves after Aug 9, but not his fault – the team only won 16 in that span. The opportunites just weren’t there) He was by far the most reliable closer they’ve had since Tekulve (’77-’85). I don’t see anything to like about this trade from a Pirate perspective at all – Sands had 2 shots with the Dodgers & stunk & that’s why he’s now with his 3rd team in a few months. Everyone else was gonna be DFA’d anyway. Red Sox got another Bucco bargain…. PLUS Holt. EVERY day is April Fools Day with this ownership!

  • Tj Streib

    WHY HOLT??? WTH PIRATES??? How can you trade a guy who hit .344 last season??? Brock Holt will hit 100 points higher than Barmes & you include him as a THROW IN??? Red Sox must be loving dealing with the Pirates! First Jason Bay for nothing, then Ciriaco for nothing, now Hammer AND Holt…… for nothing! A Stormy Pimento? They’re TRYING to lose I tell you! I haven’t seen an ownership try so hard to ruin a team since that bitch in “Major League”!

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