I Don't Have A Hall Of Fame Ballot For A Reason

You know how these posts start right?    The people that have the right to vote for entrants into the hallowed halls are so damn excited.  They share with us their ballots.  Some of them weeks ago.

The people like me that will never have a vote always try to explain why their ballot makes the most sense.

We aren’t going to take that route because obviously, I don’t have a Hall of Fame vote.  But just as obvious, I’ve written an awful lot about baseball.  Often times I am criticized for my opinions on the sport of baseball.   All that criticism earns me the right to bore you with my thoughts on who is deserving of being honored with entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Right?

Wait.  What?  It Doesn’t?

Why would I do that?  Isn’t every other blog doing that today?  So you really thought we would do what everybody else does?

Yeh.  Kidding. So here is my whole ballot.

I love baseball.  I spend a lot of my life writing about the game I love.  I spend a lot of money watching the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball.  I still don’t know how I was cursed like so many of you.

Yeh, you guessed it, we aren’t giving you a peek at our ballot.  Because we don’t have a ballot.

Or a fake ballot.


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