Fangraphs: The 'Other' Pittsburgh Pirates Power Arms, Vic Black, Nick Kingham, Clay Holmes,

Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon were covered earlier this month, but up now at Fangraphs is another report on the Pittsburgh Pirates ‘power arms.’

Kiley McDaniel, who also wrote the ‘Reports from Instructs’ on Cole and Taillon covers a few other Pirates pitchers. We will put a snippet here, but be sure to go check it out.

Kingham gets over his front leg, has some deception, little effort and his front side is fine. He’s a solid athlete with a solid idea of what he’s doing—basically everything about his delivery is good enough that I wouldn’t really mess with it and he has a chance for average command at maturity.

This kind of stuff and delivery combined with a sturdy 6’5, 220 pound frame and the youth to project improvement means Kingham has a solid 3 or 4 groundball-inducing, innings-eater starter upside. It doesn’t excite fans much but is exactly the kind of player every system needs to keep the parent team from spending millions on generic or injury prone pitchers to fill out the rotation.

Clay Holmes and Vic Black are also featured in the article.  If you have seen those two right handers pitch, you can expect what you would expect to read in a scouting report.    Holmes is deceptive to a fault and Black still has work to do if he wishes to become the closer I desperately envision.   But don’t listen to my ramblings, go read the report.

Reports from Instructs:  Pirates Power Arms

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