Nyjer Morgan heads to Japan!

Nyjer Morgan Heads to Japan, What Will His Name Be?

Nyjer Morgan provided Pittsburgh fans with plenty of laughs when he was a Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder.  The former hockey standout has signed to play for the the Yokohama BayStars.

Tony Plush will get $1.6 million dollars, so obviously there is a reason he wants to head to Japan.  Maybe a TV deal?  Book deal?  Something is up, or perhaps Major League Baseball teams have seen enough of the gentlemen known as Tony Plush.

Morgan played strong defense nearly every time we saw him….but oh, that one time.  Yeh, that one time when we had such a great time making the photoshop you see above.  It’s one of our favorite photoshops.

The Bucs were playing in Milwaukee, which is the House of Horrors for the recent Pirates club.

With Matt Hague on third and Rod Barajas catching his breath after chugging to second base.  Up stepped Jose Tabata who ripped a two-out line drive right at Nyjer Morgan, but the centerfielder decided to charge the ball.

By the time Morgan broke back toward the fence, the ball was just over his outstretched glove, clearing the bases.  The third out of the inning turned into a three-run double giving the Bucs a 6-1 lead.

The House of Horrors became the Fun House.  Even if it was just for  one night.

But seriously, what will Nyjer Morgan’s name be in Japan?  It’s got me baffled.  This is all we could get in the translator.

And since Morgan’s twitter account was supposedly hacked after all this mess that Big League Stew posted, it’s likely that we might not know how Tony Plush plays out in Japan.  You know what?   I think I will miss TPlush.  Best of luck to him.

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